How to Schedule Reminders On iPhone

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With a great variety of different applications and recreations readily available at your fingertips, your cell phone can appear to be a greater degree of a time waster than a time supervisor. In any case, with some self-control, you can transform your telephone into one of your best resources with regards to organizing and time management.

Your mobile device can fill in as a personal time manager and scheduler. Setting reminders can enable you to remember due dates and other essential responsibilities as you experience your day.

Applications can be useful as well, with easy going management and profitability applications like Rescue Time filling in as an advanced time manager for the day/week/month/year/lifetime. In the event that you are enticed to check Facebook frequently your review time, attempt one of the numerous applications that block social media and different distractions on your phone (i.e., FreedomColdTurkey, etc).

Time management is key to not ever forgetting another task you need to complete! See below on how to schedule your reminders on your iPhone.



***Step by Step Guide to Setting Reminders**

  1. Locate Reminders App On Your iPhone and Open it (Double tap).

  1. Once You open up the reminders app, If you already have made lists for reminders then they will appear like the ones below (I.e., Beach Vacation, Home Kids, etc). If you haven’t set a reminder nor a list, you can click the “+” at the upper right corner and you will be able to create a list or a reminder.

***Here’s an example below of my personal list of reminders for school***

  1. Once you create the list, you can add a reminder in it. Click the empty line and begin typing in the reminder. When you type in the reminder there will be an Icon with an “i” on the right of the reminder, this is for extra details (i.e., a date and time for the reminder to go off, a location for the reminder to go off, and or to schedule for the reminder to be repeated).

  1. If you want this reminder to be worth your while, Schedule a day or several days for the reminder to go off. Not only set a day but set a location (below I have it set to when I get out of the car). If the reminder is extremely important to make sure to set the priority level to “!!!” as seen below:

**Make sure if you’re going to schedule your reminder to repeat, make sure to add an end repeat date and time, so you won’t keep getting the notification for the past due assignment**

  1. Congrats!!! Your reminder is set and you’re so much closer to your time management goals! Below is how your new reminder will appear.

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