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How To Succeed In College

Your college experiences can be some of your best memories or your worse, it all depends on how you execute your days in college. College is hard without the right guidance and plan. Succeeding in College is not hard to achieve, it just takes the right mentality to complete. I know you can make it through it, believe in yourself. Before I share these fantastic tips and advice about succeeding in college, please share, pin, and or tweet this blog! Thank you!!   Now back to the keys to success in college!! Academically Don’t miss class at the end of the semester. Going to every class is a struggle, trust me I know, I use to have three classes to...

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5 Helpful Tips to Help You Balance Your Work and School Life

Working and going to school can be a lot to manage, especially if you’re taking the full-time workload of classes with a demanding 40 hours every week for work not to forget, trying to include a social life. But don’t stress, there is a way for you to manage through this madness, that I’m willing to share with you to help take some of that heavy stress of your shoulder. But first, I’m going to need you to do me a favor, and share this post on your social media: Pin it, share it on facebook, tweet it, help someone else in need. Don’t work about subscribing right now, I’ll leave that at the end. It’s all up to you,...

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How to Schedule Reminders On iPhone

Share On Facebook, Pin on Pinterest, Tweet on Twitter. With a great variety of different applications and recreations readily available at your fingertips, your cell phone can appear to be a greater degree of a time waster than a time supervisor. In any case, with some self-control, you can transform your telephone into one of your best resources with regards to organizing and time management. Your mobile device can fill in as a personal time manager and scheduler. Setting reminders can enable you to remember due dates and other essential responsibilities as you experience your day. Applications can be useful as well, with easy going management and profitability applications like Rescue Time filling in as an advanced time manager for the day/week/month/year/lifetime....

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How Could You Ruin The Chat That Use To Snap?!

Make Snapchat Great Again!! Snapchat new update has made the new version of snapchat so complicated and confusing! And the culture doesn't have a problem stating it :   Like How could they do this to us? Like why snap why??? It no longer goes down in the DMs. I can't even find the DMs. How am I suppose to snapchat you that..... new product we just release lol.    ;) I mean it is pretty dope. Check it out here.

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